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Back to School Tips and Organization - Kathleen

Hi readers!!

Sorry for the late post, I've been a little busy and the bridal shower I was at yesterday ran a little late.

Anyways! School is starting soon and to be honest, I'm actually kind of excited!! It's been a great summer but I'm excited to have more of a schedule and a more predictable life. As much as a love the sun and extra exercise I get in the summer, leaves and sweaters and fall is my favorite season and school comes along with that. :D

So today I have some a list of some back to school tips and organizing that I like to do! Let's get started!

Tip #1
Have your backpack packed before you go to bed the night before school.

We all know it's hard to get up in the morning, especially on the first day of school. Have backpack ready to go in the morning. This makes you feel confident that you have everything and you are well prepared. And actually, if you do this, you are less likely to forget something because you weren't throwing stuff in your bag and then running out the door.

If you are homeschooled (like me!) you won't have a backpack. In this case I would suggest making sure you know where all your books are and know what the syllabus says the day before. Having all the books where you need them the day before is honestly awesome. It makes things so much easier.

Tip #2
Pamper yourself the night before.

Exfoliate, do a face mask, (nothing major maybe just a moisturizing or a little something to make you feel squeaky clean) and maybe do your nails just so they look nice. Pampering yourself the night before helps you feel confident. You will know you look good. Just make sure to clean of the zit cream if you used it. :P

Tip #3
Make sure you have any required work done before and that it is ready to turn in.

This is kind of a no-brainer, but how many times do you forget homework during the school year? Yeah. So just make sure its ready, and don't start the day before school begins.

Luckily for us homeschoolers, Required work to be turned in the first day of school is usually non-existent :D

Tip #4
Have an alarm set for the next morning.

Put it across the room from you. When you turn it off. DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR BED. Go to the bathroom and immediately make your breakfast. When you do this, you won't feel like getting back in bed because you are already awake!

Even though I'm homeschooled, I still wake up at 6 am. That way I have two comfortable hours to eat breakfast, take a shower, maybe go to the gym, and then get started on school. I highly recommend this even if you know you don't need 2 hours (I don't know when your school starts or when you have to leave) because then you could do something a little extra like eat your breakfast outside or something.

Tip #5
Don't look at your phone.

If you read the mindful eating tips, they say not to read or look at your phone while you are eating. This is because when you read or look at your phone, you aren't paying enough attention to the kind of food you are eating, how much you are eating, or your mental health. I like to take this a step further and not look at my phone until I'm completely ready for the day.

I've been doing this more often and I can honestly say that the extra time the adds, and the positive influence makes me so much more positive. When we look at today's society and think about how much of it is social media based or geared, it's kind of scary. People go places just so they can take a cool picture. The want that cool picture so they can get the views, the comments, the likes. Now I love to take a cool picture. But I won't take a picture and post it somewhere (if I had an Instagram... Mom...) just so that I can get big numbers. I will take it and post it because I like the way it looks and I'm proud of it.

Tip #6
Make sure you have one spot for all your classes.

As you can see, I'm taking four online classes this year: Bible Study, Medieval History and Literature, Chemistry, and Latin.

I use two binders a year. One for first semester and one for second semester. I always make sure to keep all my work for all my classes in that one binder that way I don't get lazy and stick an assignment in another classes folder. It won't get lost and I'm more organized.

Tip #7
Have your syllabi in the corresponding section of your binder.

By doing this, you always have your assignment schedule with your assignments and you will always know where it is. I like to put my teachers name, email, and the class link at the top of the first page of each syllabus. That way if the site isn't working I know the link.

Tip #8
Make your binders and notebooks look cute.

I just bought some cute scrapbook at Joann's fabrics and used double sided tape to apply it to the notebook. I wrote a DIY about it on International BFFs. (Link beneath the signature)

I really think that having your supplies look good really makes a difference in your attitude throughout the day and it just makes me feel like a happier person.

Tip #9
Keep your room clean.

This is incredibly important for me because I'm homeschooled. When my surroundings are a mess (bed is in-made, laundry in a big pile, and I haven't even gotten dressed yet) my school is usually a mess too. In the beginning, it's hard to get used to, but when you get in the routine it's easier. Your laundry doesn't sit in a huge pile because you do it every weekend. You don't want to have a big clean up session on a Saturday so you just start putting things away the first time. I adopted this policy of only having 15 minutes to clean up on Saturdays, and it makes me keep my room clean throughout the week.

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope this post helped you feel a little more ready


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