Saturday, April 15, 2017

Body Image - Kathleen

Hi everybody! Currently writing this while on spring break because I have tons of energy. I slept so well last night.

So body image is something a lot of people struggle with. I am very fortunate in the fact that I haven't had major issues with my body image. Others, whether they be skinny, curvy, fluffy, (to use the cuter, more positive British word) or obese have so many problems that are honestly, so hard to "cure." Let me tell you about myself.

Just a heads up, I mean no harm by the words I use in this post. If I offend you, I am so so sorry. I'm not targeting this towards anybody.

I am not skinny. I am not fat. My upper inner thighs touch when my ankles are together, and I have a little muffin top. I easily get a double chin, and my arms have little bits that hang down when I lift them out to flex. My tummy wrinkles when I slouch. My knees have the side pocket things. Those are all the negative things that I notice when I look in the mirror.

But, there are great things to. I have a nice face shape, my eyes are big doe-eyes. I have great (small, but great) hands. My finger nails are a great shape for painting. My calves have cool soccer muscles.

Besides thinking just about what kind of body I have, I also look at my personality. I've got good work ethic, I am honest, loving (hopefully), kind, caring, compassionate, empathetic and anything else Emma can think of. :D

Now comes the part where I teach you how to do it.

Realize that everybody has quirks, you have to learn to love your own quirks. I have learned to love my double chin and use it to make people laugh. Every morning, I go from top to bottom of my body and thank God (or whoever/whatever you believe in) for the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes. Everything. Eventually, after fighting the evil in your head that tells you that you are ugly and shows you all your quirks and tells you why you are not beautiful, you defeat the evil. The evil gives up.

Now all that being said about my body type and my inner thighs and my muffin top and my arms and accepting yourself. That doesn't mean to splurge on everything you see and say to yourself, "It's OK, its just my body type, that's the way I was designed." I am really working on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I've been working out a little bit more and eating healthier. By eating healthier, I mean, eating whole wheat bread instead of white, fruits after dinner instead of cookies, water instead of lemonade or milk. Eating healthy doesn't always mean less, just better.

I hope you took something from this post. If you like it, I might start a Healthy Mind + Healthy Body label... I really liked writing about this because its something that affects a lot of people and I have taken an interest in.

See you next post!!!



  1. I know you posted this ages ago but I go back and read it everytime I get sad about myself :D thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much Noelle! Tell me if you guys ever want more Healthy Mind posts! :D