Friday, November 10, 2017

Why I Had to Rehome my Puppy -Emma

Phewwww this a hard post to write...

Hello hello hello everyone! Today I am coming with some sad news, and I'm sure I will get some more hate about it.

I felt like I had to post this, because I didn't want anyone wondering "Where did Sadie go?" "Did she die?" Well I'm here to tell you that she is perfectly fine, and I am perfectly fine too.

I adopted Sadie in May 2017, when she was just a tiny puppy. I loved (and still do love) this dog with all my heart. This past month or so, I started noticing that I was constantly sick with a cold/allergies any time I spent a lot of time with Sadie in one day.

Some days were worse than others, but if I was to play with her for a long time or let her sleep in my bed, I would just feel miserable.

I am allergic to dogs.

I know this not only because of my experience with Sadie, but because of having allergies after going over to friends houses who had multiple dogs.

This came as very saddening news to me and my family of course, because we all loved Sadie.

But I believe my health is much more important than an animal.

I ended up finding the PERFECT home for Sadie, and I mean it, this lady was sent from God. Sadie now lives in a home with a wonderful 28 year old woman and her husband. They live over in Missouri. The woman runs marathons, which is perfect because Sadie LOVED to run. They also have a fenced in yard and Sadie gets to sleep in bed with them at night.

She even texted me and told me that Sadie went on a 4 mile run last weekend, and still had energy so they went on 2 more walks that day.

So bottom line, she is much happier there than she was at my home.

I have received so much hate these past couple of weeks, but I'm not listening to it anymore. I did what was right not only for me but also for Sadie.

I raised her from a puppy, took care of her when she was spayed, and taught her proper behavior and trained her. I am not guilty for my decision.

I hope you all understand and can support me in my choice.

Thank you!! *hugs*


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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm glad you realize that your health is more importnat for the dog. I admire you so much for being able tobrealize that and act on it. I couldn't imagine being without my dog, but I hope that if we ever did have to part I would handle it like you are.

    So proud of you☺