Saturday, December 17, 2016

Blogmas Day #17 - Kathleen

Good morning/afternoon to you all. I hope you are doing well! It's currently 11 pm for me, so lets see how this goes.

You know those adverts that just tug on you heartstrings? The Brits seem to do a pretty good job of making those ads around Christmas. I have found, that they don't advertise their products in the loud annoying way American ads do, they just give you a sense of one-ness and family.

I have decided to share a few of my favorites with you today, so lets get to it because I can't wait!

I hope these ad's all made you tear up a little! Not because I'm evil, but because all of these are really sweet! These all show such amazing life lessons, and you guys really don't know how good you have it with your ads! Comment down below the name of the ad I forgot, I'm pretty sure its like, 1942 or something... I don't know! I'm not being sponsored by any of these companies by the way, I literally just saw them on YouTube!

Have a lovely day, and I will see you on Monday!


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  1. I got chills when I watched the last one! Really moving. Great post Kathleen!