Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Letter to my Younger Self - Kathleen

Dear Kathleen (the younger one),

     Hi. It's yourself writing to you. I'm actually 16 now... its pretty crazy. I'm starting Drivers Ed in the summer and I'm a little nervous. :D But it's OK because I'm kind of excited too. You'll love it.

     You are 10 years old... That's crazy. It seems like such a long time ago now... Lots of things are going to change pretty soon and it's probably going to get a little scary. Puberty is coming. I know you are super awkward about talking like this but it will get easier, trust me. You just have to embrace the fact that everyone knows about it. It happens to everyone. Period cramps suck, but Midol is a lifesaver. :P

     On top of that, this summer, Mom and Dad are going to tell your that you are homeschooling. It's going to be heartbreaking. You will loose touch with some of your friends and it will take awhile to make new friends but don't freak out, you'll make some really good ones too. Be patient with Mom as she tries to teach you math. She isn't very good at it, but you will be.

     Enjoy who you are before the world scares you with responsibilities and stereotypes. It really is scary. Play with the Barbie's and your Polly Pockets. You won't really appreciate your innocence until you don't have it anymore or at least until you see how bad other people have it.

     Don't worry about the future, it will happen, but know that you will get through it. Mom will be there for you. Your friends will be there for you.

     Do one thing that scares you every day. You won't be adventurous enough without it. I may even help with the anxiety that you will develop. Don't try and please everyone or do things just to avoid an argument. Acknowledge that arguments and fights will happen, but that can't stop you from having your peaceful space.

     Get rid of some stuff! Your room is chucked full!!! See the beauty in the simplicity.

     Rapid fire advice:
  • Tell that girl you think her skirt is cute.
  • That guy you like a) probably likes you back b) probably didn't shower this morning
  • Don't hide the fact that you like 1D
  • Practice your art, it will help you later on
  • Don't slack on your homework. Not only will you get good grades, it will make homework easier later on.
  • When you get stressed, exercise
  • Don't self-harm and give love to those who do
  • Don't worry if the shirt doesn't fit
  • hug the people you love.
     There will be people you think will be with you forever. When they leave, let them go. Let yourself off the hook once in a while. Get the ice cream, and don't worry about what your body looks like it will be OK.

     I love you, you are a beautiful person.


"Never trade respect for attention."