Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fashion Roundup - Kathleen

Peeps are soooooo good... I can't believe people don't like them...

Hi everybody! Still spring break as I'm writing this because that's the only time I actually have to do this. But anyways, I really love watching Monthly Favorites videos on YouTube. So I thought I would do something like that here. There is one difference though. This is going to be like Fashion Favorites or something like that. Fashion Roundup/Favorites/Summer Style/Whatever. I don't know..... lets just go. You will figure it out as we go....

This intro sucks.

OK, so for clothes, I've been really loving maxi skirts. They are so great, and easy, and honestly, I think the look really flattering. I especially like the chiffon-y ones.

The one below is also really light and airy for every day... I love the buttons down the middle.

For more formal attire, midi skirts are so fun. So far, I've only really worn the black one I have, but I love the brighter, more colorful ones like these.

On the subject of dresses, I think these light, flowy pastel-y dresses are super cute because you can easily dress them up or down a little.

I honestly love wearing dresses, its so fun and I feel so cute and girly in them.

On to the more casual, everyday outfits, I REALLY just fell in love with off the shoulder tops. OMG. Their gorgeous. I just bought this plum one from Kohl's and I can't wait to wear it!! These are a few of my favorites.

So I really love those tops.

Two more things! Hair and Makeup.

For hair, I have been wanting to get a little bit of caramel-y blond in the tips of my hair. If you don't know, my hair is about to my shoulders right now.

I really like this, but I know taking care of died hair is difficult, and with swim team in the summer (which really isn't that intense, but still) I don't want to make the move without being totally sure.

Makeup, I really like to keep simple. I have natural, super long eyelashes, so I don't really worry about fake lashes. I rarely even do eyeliner... but these are a few looks I like.

So yeah, The boldest thing I would probably do is a brighter lip color. But I really just quite often put some lip gloss on.

I hope you enjoyed this post!! (Yes, that's Jess Conte, from Jess and Gabriel, I adore her) Comment down below what you have been loving lately and I will see you next weekend!


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