Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Clothes and Beauty Haul - Kathleen

Hi lovely readers! How are you all? I hope you are all having a wonderful November so far!

I have a clothing haul for you today! It is pretty short, but I'm super excited about all the things I got! Lets get started!
We went into JCPenney's looking for some dresses, and after narrowing it down to 3 out of 10, I chose this one. I love this dress. It's amazing. It's a pencil dress, and fits just like it said it would. The glitter does shed like crazy, but I don't think I'm going to be wearing it so much that it will drive me crazy. The belt is black and has a gold buckle with some rhinestones. It zips up the back.

We then picked up this gold sweater. I has some glittery threads in it, but I don't think you can see it to well. It just is a nice sweater to go over anything that has sleeves a little short for the chilly winter weather.

While we were there, we went looking at the shoes for some black pumps. We found these, and I love them so much. They are super classy and cute at the same time. The low heels are comfortable without being kitten heels. They are a very soft, suede fabric. It's kind of funny, they look really big, but I swear, they are size sevens!
Please excuse my lovely closet backdrop, I need to find a white or black one. I am huge about getting cute clothes at not so expensive stores. So we went into Sears to look for some sweaters and tops. I found this really pretty blue sweater. It fits pretty snuggly around your middle. I have short arms so the sleeves are a bit long on me, but I find that super cozy, so I don't mind at all. You can't really wrap it around you, but I didn't get it for that. I really like it, the bright blue makes my ice look almost icy.
Oh my goodness this sweater. I can't even tell you! It's so soft, I could wear it to bed, but then the little pill-y bits would form. This top has a beautiful maroon-y mauve color in it. It's beautiful. It is a pretty boxy cut, and I love how the neck can be adjusted if you want it to be high, or low. It's great. The front is shorter than the back and that creates a little bit of an accent if you wear a white tank top with it.
Lets move onto beauty! I got this beauty blender by Real Techniques at Ulta, and I love it. Because it is a sponge, it kind of picks up the excess foundation, and then when you need it you can sort of squeeze it out. It creates a natural coverage. I wouldn't use this if I were doing a full coverage look, but just for everyday make-up, this is a total go to for me.
Please forgive me for letting my brushes get so dirty.. I know it looks nasty. Anyways, I absolutely love this brush, it is super soft and great for blending. This is Real Technique's Shading Brush. It picks up the product really nicely
Last thing! I stopped in White Barn/Bath and Body Works to look at all the Christmas items. It was super late, so I ended up just grabbing this one. Vanilla Bean Noel is super popular around this time of year I know, I didn't expect to like it because normally, the vanilla-y scents are way to sweet for me. But the mix with the sugar cookie was great! I love it!

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