Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall Outfits and Makeup - Kathleen

Hi! How are you! Didn't you love Emma's guinea pig pictures? I did.

So one of my favorite things about fall is the switch from summer clothes and makeup, to fall and winter clothes and makeup. I've included some favorites of both below because I know I can never get enough of the fall ideas. I'm going to do makeup first, and then clothes. So lets get to it!

I really love the dark, and sometimes natural look. It just creates this easy going vibe, with the cool mysterious dark lips. I love it. Then the light lips, I think are just great ways to include the cool eyeshadow but the ease of the nude lip. I just love it... (I'm also not super great at the terminology...)

I love jeans in the fall. I also like leggings, but I feel like jeans bring a more refined look in to the style. Scarves and button ups are my favorites. I have this really soft sweater on right now, and it makes me feel like Christmas day and October afternoons all mixed together... So yeah. I like it.

Ok, so this was a really short post, but we have some super exciting things coming up in December.... things such as... Blogmas????

*screaming in the background*

Yes. It's happening. Emma and I are super excited! I will have more for you on that soon, but for now, I'm just going to leave you with a cliff hanger!