Tuesday, February 7, 2017

MODG Unofficial Dance - Kathleen

Hey guys!

So I should be back for a good long time now. I was gone for awhile at a funeral, and then again for a trip to DC. But y'all know that. So I'm gonna talk about school.

Pretty much the only reason why I have a little bit of time for this blog is because of the way my school works. Most of you already know, but I'm homeschooled. I actually love answering questions about my schooling, its super fun. So maybe I can help you wonderers out and give you a bit of info.

Lots of people do homeschooling different ways. Some people take online classes, some people do classes with a homeschooling group, some parents set up their own curriculum. My parents decided to sign us up for an online school called Mother of Divine Grace. It is a catholic school based out of Santa Paula, California. They have lots of different classes. I am taking Ancient History, Latin, Natural History, (I'll explain later if you really want me too) Sacraments and Apologetics, Biology, and Algebra 2. (I did Geometry last year) Our classes meet once a week for an hour. (Latin is 45 minutes twice a week) All of these classes are with teachers from around the U.S. and sometimes around the world. Basically, my mom doesn't teach any of my classes. Yeah.

So we meet once a week and then we have a list of things to get done before the next class. I only have classes Monday - Wednesday though. So Thursday and Friday's are pretty short, chill days. Besides school, I'm in a choir, I play a little golf, swim on a team during the summer, and am involved in our youth group and homeschooling group. So yeah, I'm very social. Honestly, when people think about homeschoolers and how they "aren't social" they couldn't be farther from wrong. Just because we don't make dirty jokes 24/7 doesn't mean we can't have a good conversation. It really depends on who you are and how your parents raised you. I have never been shy or afraid to talk. (Besides like, the little bits of social anxiety, but I feel like everyone has that) In our homeschooling group, we have the jocks, the nerds, the popular kids, and the quiet kids. We had an Indian family for about 3 years but then they moved. (Shoutout to Jolie! Sorry I didn't include everything about you guys, the list is too long) So yeah, we have a huge variety. We get to know people.

So a part of this MODG (Mother of Divine Grace) thing is that every year, the night before the March for Life (which if you don't agree with, I don't care we can still be friends) they put on a dance. It is for high-schoolers enrolled in MODG but this was my first year going. (I'm a sophomore) IT WAS SO FUN!

We mad ourselves pretty (not that we aren't already) and drove the hour long line into the dance. I think we all got our dresses at David's Bridal. Besides Jolie. I don't know where you got yours.

We had a super cool view from the windows in our "ballroom." I had Parmesan Crusted Chicken with rice and some vegetables. And for dessert, we had the THICKEST, RICHEST chocolate cake you ever tasted. I think it was like fudge cake. I could only eat like half of it...
So the dancing started. We had several huddles of boys going on, and a giant circle of screaming girls at one point. It was so much fun.
Jolie and Caroline also found my phone and took a selfie... So kind of them...

So we had a really long night, I think we actually went to bed at like 2 am... We had so much fun, and burned so many calories. It was great. But I have to go to bed now, because it is late... (It's only 9:20 pm...) So yeah.

Thank you so much for reading!!! Comment down below with posts you want me to do in February, I have a few Valentines Décor DIYs I might show you. I don't know which blog I will do it on yet though so I will keep you posted.

Also, say Happy Birthday to Emma! Her birthday was on the 2nd and she is in Florida so tell her on Instagram!! I don't really know how all that works (I really need to get one) but I'm sure you can comment somehow... yeah.



  1. This post was good! I was looking into possibly online schooling so that was very coincidental!
    And you should get an Instagram and follow Emma and I 😂
    Talk to you soon!

    1. I know I REALLY want one. But my mom is super protective and won't let me have one. I even told her I would make it private so only people I wanted to follow me could but she still won't let me. I think it's also the fact that she doesn't want me to be spending a ton of extra time on the interwebs. Blogging was hard enough to convince her to do, let alone me editing pictures all the time and such.