Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween!! - Katheen

Whenever I have exclamations in my title, there are always two of them...

Hiyo!!! Halloween is on Tuesday!! What are you guys being? I'm going to be Megara from Hercules...

I wasn't planning on being anything which was kind of a bummer because Emma and I were Thing One and Thing Two last year, and I couldn't just let that be my last Halloween costume because I feel like, even though I'm a little old to actually go Trick or Treating, I'm at the age when Halloween costumes actually get really good. When you are little, its a witch, or a princess, or Dorothy from Wizard of OZ.

Anyways, I went shopping and out to lunch with some friends lately, and we went to a thrift store in downtown Belleville. I found a vintage off-the-shoulder dress. I have been loving off the shoulder anything so much lately. It was the prettiest purple and it twirls soooo well. I can't wait to dance in it sometime! I tried it on and it fit perfectly, which rarely happens considering how short I am.

It was $36.

I bought it.
Sorry for the crappy portrait mode picture; I'll make it up to you.

I also got a super curly ponytail extension because Meg as super long hair, and I have relatively short hair. Do you remember those ponytails that were really popular a while ago, they were kind of like elastic ribbons? Some of them were glittery. I still have a rose gold one, but I don't use it, so I cut it in half and I'm going to fasten it around the top of the sleeve. That will give it a bit more of a Greek/Roman look.

We went pumpkin picking today, and I went on a photography spree, so I thought I would show the pictures to you. I got a really cool pumpkin; I love it so much I'm not carving it. I'm keeping it in my room as decoration.

This is my pumpkin.

I'm sure you all remember Braeutigams Orchards, we went there last year to get pumpkins. We got our pumpkins there this year too.

This is kind of a crappy picture, but Papi was being so cute with his pumpkin that I couldn't stand it.

Thanks so much for reading!! Comment below and tell me what your thoughts are on dressing up for Halloween, does your faith allow/encourage it?


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