Tuesday, October 25, 2016

St. Louis Arch - Kathleen

Boy howdy it's been awhile!

Hi everybody! I'm so sorry it's been two weeks! I really have no excuses for this, I had a ton of time to write a post, I was just lazy and tired.

But I took a ton of pictures and went cool places!

We (my family and I) went to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri! My grandparents were in town so we thought we would do a little sight seeing. This is going to be a short post, but after two weeks, I think you guys will appreciate any post!

So this is the Arch for any of our readers from other countries. It is six hundred thirty feet (192 meters) tall. The floor at the top is not flat, and the building sways 15 feet when it is windy. You have to take and elevator to the top. The elevator is super tiny and shaky. But once you get up, it's super cool!

I took a foot picture on the side of the building, but you can't really tell. A picture of my grandparents, my sister, and I is beneath.
I also took a cool picture of the cathedral nearby.

In case you can't tell, these pictures are pretty heavily edited. The look awesome though, so... yeah.

So there's that super short post. Sorry about the lack of content the last week or two, but that will change. We have some marvelous ideas coming up in December!

Love you all, and have a super awesome week!

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