Saturday, September 23, 2017

Morning Routine - Kathleen

Wowza. School is not fun.

Hey guys! I just had a massively productive day and then I got a ton of ideas for blog posts.

Today I'm doing a Morning Routine post. Lets just get right to it!

First thing I normally do in the morning is washing my hair. It really helps wake me up if I do it with cold water. Plus this makes me shiny. I also really love this shampoo; it really cleans my hair and I can feel it freshened and clean. Then the conditioner makes my hair feel like mermaid hair. I love it. The tea tree makes my hair smell amazing as well.

Then I eat breakfast. I didn't take a picture of this, but I had cinnamon toast and melon. Delicious. Not necessarily healthy...

Right after breakfast, I take wash my face. This starts with me brushing my teeth and then using my mouth wash. Then I wash my face with the Aveda Purifying Crème Cleanser. It's moisturizing and cleansing, and also smells amazing. I use the coldest water I possibly can because it wakes me up and it closes my pores. I'm pretty sure everyone does that though. :D

After I finish washing my face and getting dressed, I put on some hand lotion and chap-stick. Now I'm ready for the day. Now that my morning routine is done I can start school.

I always make my bed before starting school because then my room is cleaner and my productivity goes wayyy up. So yeah.

Comment down below and tell me what your morning staples are. So, that's my morning routine, I hope you enjoyed it!


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