Friday, September 1, 2017

Quick Update - Kathleen

Hi everyone!

So I just wanted to update you on some stuff.

Really just one thing. :P

So this past week you may have noticed that a Blogmas post went up. "Why would that go up? It's literally August?" you probably said to yourself.

I have no idea why it went up. It's like it got reposted or something. Then, again, later on, I had a post scheduled for a weekend, and it went up in the middle of the week. As if someone hacked the blog and started messing with stuff.

Now before you freak out, I don't think anyone hacked the blog. I set up an alert for this blog to send an email to me if anything odd happens, and nothing has come back yet. So, if this blog gets hacked, don't worry. Emma and I are going to have a "meeting" (literally just a google hangouts XD) and talk about some stuff, maybe explore some security options.

I just wanted to update you on that. I know we don't have a huge viewer audience, but guys, just remember to be kind ad respect people's privacy. It was even a little scary for me to see two posts go up without our permission.

Thank you so much!!

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