Thursday, December 8, 2016

#8 Winter Essentials- Emma

Hello hello hello! How are you all?

It is FREEZING outside today where I live! So I hope you all are staying warm.

For Blogmas day eight, I will be sharing my winter essentials with you all! Short disclaimer before I start: all of the photos are from Pinterest, they are not mine. I will do an essentials post eventually with my own photos!

#1 Fuzzy socks or camp socks. These are a must have for the
winter season. I wear them daily. They're super cozy and keep
your feet nice and warm. Plus they look cute :)

#2 Eos Lip Balm. I just started using these recently and they work
so well! They are a bit easier to put on than the normal
eos. Just be careful with these because some people have
allergic reactions to the brand. It works great for me, but everyone is

#3 Leggings and sweaters. This is basically
what I wear almost every day of the winter season.
It's cute while still being cozy and casual.

#4 Bath and Body Works. This scent is my absolute
favorite right now. It has a Christmas-y vibe but
you can really wear it year round. The lotion is the biggest
thing I use just because my hands get super dry in the winter
and this lotion helps a ton!

#5 White Barn candles. I feel like I talk about candles
a ton in all of my post now but.. oh well. I just love
lighting candles everyday while I do school.

#6 Ugg Boots. Okay, so I don't actually have uggs. Only because
I would never spend $200 on a pair of boots. But I do have a pair
of boots that look almost exactly like uggs that I got from Target.
I love them so much.

#7 Last but not least, hot chocolate. This is a must have
drink for all those cozy nights watching Christmas movies
by the fireplace. It makes everything perfect.
That's it for today! Thanks so much for reading. Let us know below what your winter essentials are! We really enjoy reading all of your comments!


(Yes, I did steal Kathleen's signature idea. Sorry, it just looks a lot nicer!)

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