Friday, December 9, 2016

Blogmas Day #9 - Kathleen

Happy Friday!! It's almost the weekend, and that makes me VERY happy. Today is going to be a bit different.

I come to you with a Day in the Life of Me. This is going to be a bit more festive than my spring/summer/fall routine, but not really. I was super excited about this post, so lets get right to it!
So I wake up at 6 am every morning. Sometimes it is great, other times it sucks. But we do it anyways. I usually try and get to the kitchen as quickly as possible because once I'm out there, I'm not going back to bed. I normally make a fried egg, and English muffin, (just half. I don't need all that bread) and some fruit. By then my mom is up, and I am washing my face and really waking myself up.
So I have quite the face washing routine. Like, I could do it in my sleep. First, I put some Castor oil on my eyebrows, (it helps them grow) next I brush and floss my teeth. I really like using the Crest ProHealth fluoride. It REALLY wakes you up. Then I cleanse my face using Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily skin. Last thing is my Aveda Outer Peace acne relief lotion. Now I know I'm no beauty expert, but it all seems to work pretty well. The only problem is actually remembering to do it. 😕

Now it is time to get dressed and brush my hair. Since it is just a normal day, I'm not going to do anything super cute and special. So I'm just wearing a red sweater/shirt (it's really soft so I don't know what to call it) and some leggings. Then I just pull my hair up into a ponytail and spritz on some fragrance. I have been LOVING Vanilla Bean Noel lately. It stays around for a really long time. I love it.

Last thing to get ready for the day is to moisturize! I use Many Many Mani, by Essie, on my hands. I'm very fussy with my hand lotions. They CANNOT be greasy. If they are super thick, I don't like them. This one is very light and airy. I don't have very dry hands, however, so I don't really need anything super thick and moisturizing. Then I just swipe on some Burt's Bees. I really like the mango one.
 Lets clean up my room now, it's a wreck. And yes those are fairy sheets. No judging. After I have neatened up, I usually light a candle so my room smells amazing all day. I lit Twisted Peppermint, by Bath and Body Works/White Barn. Emma gave me this candle just the other day and it is very refreshing. Almost like peppermint and sugar cookies.
It is usually about 9 or 10 am, so I start my school. First thing I do is play my piano. I think it is a great way to start the day on the right foot, and feel good. Music is very special to me, it's like my own little retreat.
Before I start school, I like to turn on some music. It keeps me focused (I have no idea why).

So this is the list for today. I have on class for each subject a week. I take classes with an online school. As you can see, this year I am taking Algebra 2, Biology, Latin, Natural Science, Sacraments and Apologetics, and Ancient History. Besides posting on two blogs, I spend most of my waking hours on school. Its actually 11 pm at night right now so... the things I do for you! (JK I love this don't worry)
 Part of my Latin work.
 My Algebra.
 History Class.
 Latin Class.
Every Monday we do nature journaling in Natural Science, so this was my nature journal for Monday.
So I'm usually done with all the super big huge school assignments and projects around 3-4. Today I decided it was time to do my toes. I don't think I painted them since like, July... ew. So I decided to do a little spa. I scrubbed my feet with Coconut Shea Butter soap. Then I massaged Essie's Swept off my Feet oil into my skin. (on my feet, obviously) I then scrubbed them down with a nail brush. Finally, I moisturized my feet with the Feet in the Clouds leg and foot crème. I know earlier I said that I don't like it when lotions are super thick, but when it comes to my feet and legs, it's gotta be thick. I can't stand it if it isn't.

So we had dinner (delicious) and then I settled down for the night. We watched some Sherlock. (so good guys, so good) I got to bed around 10, so a good 8 hours of sleep was nice. I'm wearing my flannel pajamas by the way. The have little schnauzers on them. I think they were a gift, but I'm pretty sure they were bought at Kohl's.

So that's it for today! I hope you guys really like this post! Comment down below what your little rules are when it comes to beauty products. (Like me and lotions)



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