Monday, December 19, 2016

Blogmas Day #19 - Kathleen

Good morning to you all!

I come to you with a favorite post of mine. Expectation vs. Reality! These are so fun to write and collect pictures for! Lets get to it because I can't wait!

1. OK, so we all know that presents are fun and all, but sometimes you feel like you shouldn't accept it. But you want it, so you know that you will end up caving I and taking it. Then you are left with this awkward scenario:
2. Getting parents presents. So every year, I always think to myself, I'm going to get them something really creative this year! Maybe I'll get my mom, like a DIY kit or something. No. This ALWAYS happens:
3. Pajamas are an amazing thing. So comfy. So baggy. So stylish. (Sarcasm) I know, that over Christmas break, I always tell myself, that I WILL get dressed the day after Christmas. Doesn't happen. Usually I wear them that do too. But if you wear them four days in a row, things get a little bit sweaty...
4. Now there is a big difference between giving gifts and receiving gifts. When I'm giving someone something, I'm always super excited to see their reaction. But when I'm opening gifts, I have little mini panic attacks. Once my parents got a present mixed up between my sister and I. My sister is three years younger than me. It was one of those little DIY Weaved Bag things, and I had to feign excitement... It was really awkward.
5. Last but not least, the weight gain. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who says they are going to be healthy throughout the holidays. Sometimes I even think about trying to convince Mom to do a vegan Christmas Dinner! Never happens. But this does.
That is all today! I am so excited, because my Christmas break starts tomorrow!

Also, on the 31st, Emma and I are going to do a joint post Q and A thing. So I need you to comment questions down below. I think we will do like 10 or 15 questions. So yeah do that! Have a lovely day!

*By the way, this was not supported or anything by Sarah Anderson, I just found her comics soo relatable.


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