Friday, December 23, 2016

Blogmas Day #23

I put lights on my Christmas tree yesterday!!!! It looks amazing and we haven't even put ornaments on it!

Hello readers! Guess what!!!! Two days until Christmas!! If you count today because it is the morning... or we could say 2 more sleeps until Christmas...


I come to you today with Christmas Traditions around the world! Some of these are pretty well known (at least to me) and others aren't, so lets get started!

1. In Japan, the common dinner is not a glazed ham... it's KFC!
2. In England, and some of Europe, Boxing Day is a tradition. It falls on Dec 26th, and is much like Black Friday.
3. In Russia, Christmas is such a huge Holiday, they celebrate it twice! The first is on December 26th and the second is on January 7th.
4. In Australia, families often spend Christmas at the beach! It is so warm, why not?
5. In the Philippines, decoration start going up in September and are usually taken down in January.
That is all for today! Enjoy Emma's Christmas Eve post and I will be back on Christmas Day!!!

Also, keep those questions rolling for the 31st! And also, if you want to stay anonymous, just either tell us, or you can post the comment outside of your account.

Have a lovely Christmas Eve!

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