Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blogmas Day #15 - Kathleen

I come to you with a DIY...

Hello readers! Happy Thursday! We are almost there! It's almost the weekend! I don't know about you, but my break starts on Tuesday... I'm so excited!!! When does your break start? Tell me down below, we can have a party when everybody is off!

So I have been making snowflakes for a while now. I started when I met the Snowflakey Lady. If you don't live in St Louis and have never been to the City Museum, you don't know who the Snowflakey Lady is. Therefore, I'm going to tell you who she is.

This is the Snowflakey Lady. She must be the coolest old lady on the planet. She works at this giant playground for adults (they even sell wine) called the City Museum, which is the coolest museum ever. It was made in an old shoe factory. Yeah.

Moving one though.

She makes snowflakes and sells books that teach you how to fold the paper and has patterns to cut. She inspired me, and I have flown with it.

So I have a DIY Snowflake Chain that we are going to make today! Lets do it!
  • White Paper
  • Small Paint brush (preferably one you don't use often)
  • Glue
  • A ruler
  • Silver Glitter
  • Scissors
 First you are going to fold your paper. I could explain, but that is confusing, so I have a diagram for you. I made it myself. 😳🙌 The folds to be made are in order of the colors of the rainbow, so the red line is folded first, then the orange, and so on.
Next you have to trim the top of the paper "triangle." So it will look like this:
Then like this:
Now you have to cut your pattern into it. Make sure your scissors are sharp, otherwise your hands will hurt.
I did a pretty simple one for now. Unfold it and flatten out the creases. Now you have a pretty little snowflake!
This next step is optional.
If you want to make it a little sparkly, use your paint brush to spread a little glue and sprinkle glitter over it. I think this is a nice way to add some dimension and sparkle to it.
I always hang my snowflakes up around my Christmas lights in late December/January to keep the cozy winter feeling going. Also, check out these cool pictures of snowflakes a photographer took!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me which one of the snowflakes above is your favorite! I like either the first one or the third to last! Also, if you like this post, hit the follow button! I'm sure we didn't get all those views from only 6 followers!

Love you all!

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